Can CBD Oil Fill Your Bald Spots? Let’s Find Out

Can CBD Oil Fill Your Bald Spots? Let’s Find Out

Stressing about hair fall, and then the same stress causing more hair fall? It’s a vicious circle in which most of us are trapped. If the hair tonics in the market and the DIY hair masks from YouTube videos have failed you, then you might want to give this largely unknown remedy a try. The solution we’re suggesting is none other than CBD- the popular non-psychoactive cannabis compound with a multitude of uses and benefits. 

In recent years, a case study was conducted in Florida, to test if CBD had the potential of bringing about new hair growth in those afflicted with Androgenetic alopecia- a condition of patterned hair loss occurring due to systemic androgen and genetic factors. 35 middle-aged subjects (28 men and 7 women) were asked to apply a topical hemp extract, with 10.78% CBD and 0.21% THC, on the hair fall-prone areas of their scalp, once every day.

One-third of the subjects reported a slightly increased hair discharge in the first month of the study, however as the two-month mark was crossed, some improvement started being noted. After six months of regular use, the hair count in the temporal area increased an average of 74.1% in the subject group’s men, and 55.2% in the women. The results in the vertex area were even better, with the average increase in hair count being 64.9% for the ladies and a whopping 120.1% for the gentlemen.

Listed below are five reasons why should add a CBD oil into your haircare routine at the earliest-  

  1. Stimulates new hair growth

Studies have concluded that CBD can encourage hair growth by activating hair matrix keratinocytes through interactions with the endocannabinoid system. The stimulation of CB1 receptors, present in good numbers in the hair follicle cells, causes a decrease in hair fall. Massaging the scalp with CBD oil can elevate cerebral blood circulation, promoting both new hair growth and good hair health.

While adding CBD to your haircare routine, it is best to purchase only a good quality CBD oil, verified by a credible third-party lab test. Mix up to 6-8 drops of CBD oil with a potent carrier oil, and gently massage your scalp with it, twice a week. In some months’ time, you are very likely to grow long and luscious locks of hair.  

  1. Treats scalp conditions

Poor scalp health is often the reason behind stunted hair growth and in serious cases, even premature balding. CBD boasts of its anti-inflammatory benefits, and when massaged on the head as an oil, can regulate the immunity of the scalp in ways more than one- it reduces the risk of scalp infections, and can also potentially treat conditions like psoriasis and folliculitis.

The interaction of CBD with the with the cannabinoid receptors underneath the scalp surface influences the sebum levels at the hair roots, reducing problems such as dryness and itching, and preventing patchy flakes from forming on the skin of the scalp, and at times, even dandruff. CBD oil is also claimed to serve as a hair detox, cleansing the scalp of all dirt and build-up.

  1. Provides nourishment to the hair

A premium quality CBD oil contains the goodness of omega fatty acids that seals moisture in the hair and nourishes the cuticles. It is also known to contain a high concentration of Vitamins A and C, making it an antioxidant-rich option. As such, massaging the scalp with CBD oil, mixed in a competent base oil, does a better job at preventing the hair from getting dry and dull by supplying the hair roots with nutrients that promote better hair health and growth.

  1. Prevents hair damage and breakage

Exposure to dust and dirt in the air, the sun’s UV radiation, and unhealthy food and lifestyle habits damages the very building blocks of hair, making them lose luster and life. Adding to the damage is the continued use of different styling sprays and gels, and heat-based hairstyling tools.

CBD oil is known to possess a potent moisturizing property, that can help rejuvenate dry and damaged hair, smoothen its texture and restore its shine by keeping it well hydrated and nourished. The natural antioxidants in CBD can assist in the process of hair repair, and also counter chemical deposits and build-ups from any such products used.    

  1. Controls hormonal and stress-induced hair loss

Hormonal fluctuations in the body is a common reason for excessive hair fall, as pregnant or menopausal women can best confirm. In most cases, the common hormone DHT is the cause behind the receding hairlines of males and females alike. CBD is claimed to interact with several endocannabinoid receptors that influence hormone regulation in the body, and can potentially aid in somewhat restoring hormonal levels to cope with hair fall problems.

Similarly, stress and anxiety are major drivers of hormonal imbalance in the body, affecting overall health in general, and hair health in particular. An authentic cannabis-based CBD oil has a guaranteed calming power, and can keep anxiety levels under control to prevent any unwarranted stress-induced hormonal imbalances or chemical responses in the body, decreasing the scope of hair fall in the process. 


These are some of the ways in which CBD oil can counter hair fall problems and promote hair growth and health. If you want your hair to reap the full benefits of this remedial product, make sure to only add a good quality CBD oil to your haircare routine.

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