CBD Infused Ground Coffee (200g) >200mg

CBD Infused Ground Coffee (200g) >200mg

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CBD Infused Ground Coffee (200g) >200mg


Made with just two ingredients: coffee and hemp, which is freshly ground.


To make delicious CBD Coffee you need delicious coffee beans.

For ours, we use Tanzanian arabica. Smooth and intensely velvety, this bean grows on the volcanic soils of Mount Kilimanjaro, where nutrient-rich soils ensure it has the best start to life.

The next, and final ingredient is hemp.

The key difference between hemp and cannabis is their THC content. THC is the mystical, psychoactive chemical which gets you ‘high’. Cannabis contains a lot while hemp does not.

Both contain a spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and compounds, all interacting with each other and you, to create what is called ‘the entourage effect’ or ‘whole plant medicine’.

To protect these delicate compounds and ensure that they reach your cup of coffee, we extract and infuse, both slowly and gently. The process we use is called, sub-critical CO2 extraction and is regarded as the most ‘natural’ method.


How to brew.

Our preferred method for brewing CBD Coffee is a cafeteria / french press. While you can use any method, we do advise you to avoid paper filters, as these can absorb your coffee’s CBD-carrying oils.

  1. Add 10-15g of coffee per cup to your cafeteria.
  2. Then add near-boiling water, stir and wait 3-4 minutes.
  3. Finally, push the strainer/plunger down gently, and pour yourself a cup.


Origin – Tanzania

Net weight – 200g

Total CDB >200mg

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